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Security is a crucially important consideration in the Ice3 Online Collaboration system:
  1. the security of your account;
  2. the security of your information;
  3. the security of access.

Security of Your Account

All traffic between your computer and our servers is encrypted when accessing your account through our domain name via the 256bit Secure Socket Layer technology used by e-commerce sites across the world.

With the highest level of encryption available (upto 256-bit) and authenticated by the one of the world's leading Certification Authorities - Thawte.

In addition, your account passwords are protected by one-way encryption algorithms. Even we don't know what your passwords are!

It is crucially important that you keep the password of your Administrator and other accounts safe. This is your responsibility!

No credit card details are held on any of our internet servers and/or internal information systems.

Information Security

While we won't go into details on the particular security measures employed, the following information may be useful.

Physical access to the servers is restricted by several layers of security, as is digital access across the internet. The servers themselves are protected by firewalls, for example.

Your information held on the Ice3 system is segregated from other users. It is in a different locality, and in a separate database.

The servers are subject to regular access monitoring.

Security of Access

Access to the Ice3 system is restricted by login credentials - email and password. Without these details, folks cannot access the resources of the Ice3 system - they cannot get to your files and/or online resources.

Even if someone knows the URL of a file or page on the system, unless they can authenticate themselves AND have access to the Work Space under which the resource lies, then they cannot download/view this resource.

You can see the importance of maintaining strong password security - it is your responsibility to do so.

Beware simple passwords and sticky notes on the side of computers!

IT Architecture

Finally, our IT architecture is secured by failover redundancy.

In layman's terms, the primary servers on which your information is held are mirrored every few minutes to provide complete failover protection.

Should something catastrophic happen to the datacentre holding the primary servers, then the secondary servers, in a separate location altogether will take over, providing a high level of information security and availability.

Why not try our Live Demo to see for yourself?

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