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Building Efficient Team Collaboration

Ice3 Online Collaboration is an easy-to-use application for daily communication, collaboration, & document sharing.

With Ice3 you can enjoy the following benefits:
  • Ice3 makes it easy to share information, best practice, & knowledge - in real time.
  • It provides the perfect mixture of information security, transparency, accessibility, & tracebility.
  • It is trivially easy-to-use ensuring high adoption within your organisation.
  • It facilitates any groups within your organisation - ad hoc, cross-departmental, managerial, multi-stakeholder, & more.
  • Collaborate easily & securely across organisational, geographical, or other boundaries.
  • Enable work place flexibility - work anywhere with an internet connection whether at home, at remote offices, or on the road.
  • You, your teams, & your different stakeholders can all enjoy increased productivity with fewer meetings, better communication, & faster project delivery.

Where Next?

We believe that Ice3 provides a compelling product offering for any enterprise looking to implement online collaboration in order to enjoy the benefits that it provides.

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