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What is Online Collaboration?

Online Collaboration is a way of working together - fast, secure, effective, anytime, anywhere.

Create & Share Resources

Create and share any number of different resources - from MS Office documents to CAD drawings and photos.

Upload, store, and retrieve documents of any type while the inbuilt document managers maintain unlimited document versions for you.

Manage your document storage arranging documents within dedicated Project areas, and 'locking' those documents that others are not to overwrite.

Keep up-to-date with the latest changes through the real-time status update tool and the one-click 'Watch This' change notification email system.

Managing your use of business information has never been easier.

Manage & Resource Groups

People hardly ever work alone - they work in groups, whether these are formally or informally constructed.

Managers looking to resource these teams need to look at managing relationships, resources, expectations, and outcomes.

With Ice3, managing and developing virtual teams is simply a matter of assigning privileges within Work Spaces.

Work Spaces can be created within seconds, and you can create any number of Work Spaces you choose.

Quickly Locate People & Information

Finding the right people, and locating the right information is the bane of anyone within a business organisation of any size.

These issues are merely compounded as organisations grow, staff turnover, and more and more information is shared and stored.

Email is often the wrong tool for sharing information as it is lacks the transparency, traceability, and accessibility that modern businesses need.

Ice3 has a Advanced Search facility which does a comprehensive search of every resource to which you have access in order to find the right information fast.

Similarly, you can find and track (Watch) the activities of your contacts using advanced contact search facility which allows you to search by name, email, telephone, mobile and other key search terms.

Keeping on top of documents and people has never been easier.

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