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Accessibility IconAccessibility on this website and Ice3 Online Collaboration is guided by the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). WCAG guidelines are widely accepted as the international standard for accessibility on the web.

While we aim to make these website accessible to all users and achieve a WCAG conformance level ‘AA’; we continually work to ensure that conformance level ‘A’ is adhered to as a minimum.

If you experience any accessibility issue on this site or have any comment, please contact us.

Adjusting Text Size

  • Internet Explorer: Go to "View" on the menu bar > Select text size / zoom
  • Firefox: Go to "View" on the menu bar > Select text size / zoom. Alternatively hold down the "Ctrl" button on your keyboard and press the plus (+) key to increase text size. To reduce the latter hold down the "Ctrl" button and press the minus (-) key
Please note that the above settings may differ depending on the browser version.

Access Keys

When using Ice3 Online Collaboration you can make use of Access Keys.

Access Keys allow you to access the main navigation elements by using your keyboard. If you are using Internet Explorer on a PC, press ALT + access key, then enter/return. If you are using Firefox press SHIFT + ALT + access key. If you are using a Macintosh press Control + access key.

  • 1 - Home page
  • 2 - My Profile
  • 3 - My Wall (Coming Soon)
  • 4 - My Recent Activity
  • 5 - My Tasks
  • 6 - My Events
  • 7 - My Calendar
  • 8 - My Documents
  • 9 - My Work Spaces
  • c - My Contacts
  • s - My Search
The accesskey attribute is currently supported by the following web browsers:
  • Internet Explorer 4+ (Winows) 5+ (Mac)
  • Mozilla (Windows + Linux)
  • Netscape 6 + (Windows)
  • Opera 7 (Windows + Linux)

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